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Client Advice and Support

Our BIM specialists are here to support you with your BIM projects. We offer a variety of services that contribute to the success of the BIM process at all stages  including:

· Pre-Tender advice and support

· Production of Employers Information Requirement (EIR)

· Preparation of BIM Execution Plan (BEP)

· Advice on scan to BIM approach



BIM Co-ordination

As well as advisory support, MK BIM Solutions provide BIM Co-ordination service for its clients.  This includes:

· Implementing and maintaining BIM Protocol for the project

· Establishing a robust quality control procedures

· Identifying and documenting clashes

· Running the Co-ordination meetings

· Managing the BIM workflow


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Scan to BIM

Our laser scanners team can produce Pointclouds and Truviews as well as reference photography for modellers and clients.

By utilising high definition laser scanning in our work process, we create an accurate 3D BIM-ready model to help our clients in regeneration, overhaul, refurbishment and conversion schemes.

MK BIM Solutions BIM team is eminently experienced within the construction and design industry and our BIM-ready models provide a powerful database of information for designers and engineers.



Project Modelling

Our highly experienced team creates quality BIM models to assist designers and help data management and collaboration. The BIM project modelling reduces financial uncertainty for clients including: designers, owners and developers as well as minimises time delays.

MK BIM Solutions AEC team supports our clients during the building lifecycle with providing various services to address the requirements of each stage throughout the design and construction process.


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Model Review | Audit

Our knowledgeable team carries out a robust QA procedure on your BIM model to ensure the accuracy and addresse all the requirements within the project.

Our model review process is designed to cover: documentation review, best practice of BIM implementation, compliance with BIM Level 2 (BS1192), model integrity and accuracy according to the design intent, review against approved scope and objectives of the project, Model auditing (incorrect objects, categories, etc.).



Content Creation

Our accomplished team provides high quality catalogue for our clients’ products in form of parametric BIM objects. The benefits of our parametric BIM objects are including: readily available to all designers, easy made schedules, quick design changes and compliant with national BIM standards.

As part of our Scan to BIM procedure, we also create bespoke and parametric BIM objects to enrich our BIM-ready models.