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Space Planning

With Space Planning you could transform a cramped and tight office into an organised and spacious workplace.

Our designers consider all aspects of the project, from growth plans and the needs of your business to IT infrastructure. We work closely with you to identify how the space is used in its current form and how it should be developed in the future.



AEC Services

Our AEC team helps you to deliver your projects in a timely and cost-effective manner without compromising the quality of work. We provide a range of services in BIM and CAD sectors:

· 2D Drafting

· BIM modelling

· Point Cloud to BIM models

· Point Cloud to Plans, Elevations and Cross Sections

· 3D models (Both BIM and CAD

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CGI | Photorealistic 3D Visualisation

With an experienced, authentic and caring team, we are able to create photorealistic images from your project. Our Computer-Generated Images (CGI’s) will represent your concept, process or final architectural design. With our photorealistic interior or exterior images you will change a perception and transform a concept into a reality.