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3D Surveys - Scan to BIM

3D laser scanning delivers a fast and accurate survey information in form of BIM-ready models. Our experience in utilising Lidar Scanning technology as well as our workflow processes give us the ability to provide and implement BIM deliverables.

Some of the benefits of our BIM-ready models are:

· Capture the reality of the existing building

· Highly accurate As-Built data

· Reduce errors and rework

· Reduce construction costs

· Improvement in productivity

· Link to the survey data (Point Cloud)

· Information, co-ordination and automation

· 3D design simulation and visualisation



Measured Building Survey

Measured building survey is an accurate representation of a building showing all the architectural, structural and MEP elements in the project. Our laser scanning team will visit your site to capture both interior and exterior parts of the building. The survey data then translates into As-Built Floor Plans, Elevations and Cross Sections which help designers and engineers on developing their project.

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Topographical Survey

In addition of Measured Building Survey, our team provides accurate Topographical Survey from your site.

We offer a range of Topographical Surveys according to your needs and requirements including survey of development sites, greenfield, area of land, defined boundary and 3D surface contours.



IPMS | Office & Residential Buildings

Our qualified team provides an accurate area measurement report for your property compliant with International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS). We are following the latest RICS property measurement standard and ensuring a positive approach to all aspects of IPMS. This report is used by different professions such as: agents, occupiers, asset managers, facility managers and property managers.

Area Measurement

We offer Area Measurement and Area Referencing to correctly identify the usable space of your building. We are using the latest technology and Software to provide precise and exact digital format of Area Referencing. This adds an immediate distant interactive access to the project with cost-effective and practical means. Based on your requirements, in our report we identify Gross External Area (GEA), Gross Internal Area (GIA) and Net Internal Area (NIA).

International Property Measurement Standards Coalition (IPMSC). - Nov 2014

International Property Measurement Standards Coalition (IPMSC). - Nov 2014